How to Order

Ordering, Prices & Availability

Customers can contact us using the contact form and ask for stock and price. Not all items are immediately available, are in stock or have a price. By placing an order the customer can create demand for a quotation. Demands are met as soon as possible and at maximum will take a week (seven days). Price Quotations will include current Prices of Parts, Taxes and estimated Prices of Shipment and Customs Clearance.

Exchange Parts & Spare Parts
Some of the parts in the inventory are also available as exchange parts. When a customer has a part that is not functioning and if that part is listed as an exchange part on the inventory, the part can be replaced for a lower exchange price (Please refer to the paragraph below for rules of admission) by ROBTEC AUTOMATIONS GmbH. The customer can form an Exchange Part Demand on and, after an Approval to Send an Exchange Part the customer sends the defective part to the address provided.

Exchange Part rules of admission; ROBTEC AUTOMATIONS GmbH decides if the part is admissible as an exchange part. ROBTEC holds the right to refuse to admit a part as an exchange part. If the part sent is not admissible as an Exchange Part, the customer will receive an invoice for testing, handling, and if the customer wants the part back, possible fees for customs clearance and shipping.

If an Exchange Part is accepted, the customer is sent a quotation together with Prices of Exchange Parts, Taxes and estimated Price of Shipping & Customs Clearance and the customer issues a purchase order with the price quoted.

Issuing a purchase order
Once a Price Quotation is sent by to the customer is expected to issue a purchase order with the customers own unique order number (generated by the customer) the part numbers, prices of parts (spare or exchange) including Taxes, Price of Shipping & Customs Clearance.

Invoice Stage and Paying the Invoice
Once a purchase order is sent by the customer, will send the customer an invoice issued by ROBTEC AUTOMATIONS GmbH together with the details of the bank transfer.

Dispatch of Goods; Shipping & Customs
Once the bank transfer is complete, the parts will be dispatched as soon as possible. will notify the customer of shipping dispatch numbers. Parts are dispatched from ROBTEC AUTOMATIONS GmbH in Germany.